Nate Bunnyfield (natebunnyfield) wrote,
Nate Bunnyfield

On Music: Shopping is hard, let's go shopping.

In 2005, I moved to Lawrence, Kansas to study traditional cartography and music in its cultural context. Since then I have spent a number of hours at a local record store (Love Garden Sounds) talking with the staff, catching in-stores, selling my vinyl and buying my friends' cassette releases.

But despite what might be the loveliest selection of music available for purchase in Kansas, I haven't had much luck finding the music I'm looking for. So I end up buying stuff online. Mostly from Forced Exposure, eMusic, and Boomkat.

Now, if you asked me exactly what kind of music this was a year ago, I would have said something like "music by people who are so compelled to make music, that they don't let anything – especially their lack of talent – stop them". Tenacious struggles with human weakness inspire me like virtuousity and lyrical prowess seem to inspire others.

But today, as I found myself making a list of musicians that I could share with the Love Garden staff so I could (hopefully) spend money there, I noticed something: They're all electroacoustic. And very boring.

I have never felt so old.

Here's the list:
Stephan Mathieu
Eliane Radigue
Set Fire to Flames
Keith Fullerton Whitman
La Monte Young

Provided I can muster up the courage to show this list to someone there, I will comment on the blog with what they recommended.
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