Nate Bunnyfield (natebunnyfield) wrote,
Nate Bunnyfield

Had a great time last night even if I was too tired and out of it to remember everything.

I didn't want to have people over cause I would have to clean and I didn't want to clean, but clean I did and then the usual crew plus some extras showed up around midnight maybe.

I love Debbie!

And at the risk of sounding too much like my mom, she just said the nicest things to me throughout the whole day and totally made my happy!

I love her, we all love her. = )

So yay, got almost eight hours, came into work AND MADE WINDOWS ICONS!! This is like the first time in a while I've actually done something remotely fitting in my job description and title (New Media Designer).

Usually I'm just wrestling with config files, patching up other people's code or tweaking websites to the customer's wants and needs.

Man, my throat is hurting something harsh from too much smoking and I keep forgetting, then remembering that I'm flying to Cali at like 7AM from FUCKING Dulles, but that'll be okay cause I can sleep from PIT to SFO no problem. Maybe I'll get a middle triple. = )

So that's my update, I know it's awfully dry, but hey, that's all that is going on..

That and a fly is on my window.

On the outside.

He flew away.

I hope he wasn't trying to tell me something.

Maybe I should open up the window.

But Marcus wouldn't understand why I'm encouraging the bugs to fly into our space.

Oh well, many apologies Mr Fly.
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