Nate Bunnyfield (natebunnyfield) wrote,
Nate Bunnyfield

To prove conclusively that there is a lot of contemporary popular Western music I have absolutely no idea about, I present this mess of bands that are well-liked by the kids, but have never actually heard:

Muse (Apparently they are super popular, but I've never even heard of them.)
The Killers (I thought they were some one-hit wonder from last year. I know they are from Vegas.)
Fall Out Boy (Now that is a name that gets old real quick.)
My Chemical Romance (Sounds electroemoish.)
Bloc Party (I'm guessing they are European.)
Snow Patrol (Hahahahaha.. seriously? Did ya'll lose a bet?)
Evanescence (Weren't they voted best new artist four years ago?)
Maroon 5 (Now that is a name that screams 1998.)
Rihanna (Yay, a girly sounding name.)
Nightwish (What the hell?)
Mika (Checka, checka checka, one two.)
In Flames (Yet another fire name.)
Kaiser Chiefs (Now that's just etymologically stupid.)
AFI (TLA FTW! Three letter acronym for the win!)
30 Seconds to Mars (Is that in Earth seconds or Martian seconds?)
Damien Rice (Yay for personal name.)
Taking Back Sunday (Sounds more like an atheist movement than a band.)
Panic! At the Disco (Fire! At the Arcade. Headline! At the Newspaper.)
The Used (Whoa.. how was that not name already taken?)
Paramore (Paranothankyou)
Billy Talent (The only combination of artists I would approve of using that name is a singer-songwriter girl.)
Disturbed (Well, I hope at least their songs are creative.)
Brand New (Again, there's a name that gets old quick.)
Dashboard Confessional (Really sounds like an emo name from ten years ago.)
Dream Theater (Strength in ambiguity.)
The Kooks (Hey, a completely usable name!)
Rise Against (The Machine? They better be an RATM tribute band.)
Papa Roach (Even the name smells.)
HIM (Christian?)
Yellowcard (Adjectivenoun?)
Kings of Leon (-ard Part 6)
Kelly Clarkson (Well, I know she was on American Idol a few years ago.)
Justice (League of Awesomerica)
Hellogoodbye (I say ____. You say ______.)

And then we hit Elvis Presley at 155 and that seems like a good place to stop.

I have a strong suspicion a lot of these are fake-angsty rock bands with dark hair and shitty makeup.

ps Okay, I quick wikied the top ones:
Muse: Established English live act?
Killers: American rock?
Fall Out Boy: Chicago pop punk?
My Chemical Romance: More American pop punk?
Bloc Party: Hey, they are European!
Snow Patrol: Irish-Scottish pop rock?
Evanescence: Whoa, formerly Christian rock from Arkansas.
Maroon 5: Rock from LA
Rihanna: Really interesting story.
Nightwish: Ridiculously corny Finnish symphonic power metal?
Mika: I would have bet money Mika would be a girl.
In Flames: Swedish metal
Kaiser Chiefs: Oh, they are named after a football club.
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