Nate Bunnyfield (natebunnyfield) wrote,
Nate Bunnyfield

I realized today that I've been blogging in some form for over ten years now.

After I heard about this new thing that was replacing gopher, I started posting one-liners to using a borrowed University of Maryland account.

Then Mrs. Cohen, Brian, I and whoever else started our high school website. It's called Home Plate now, but you can see what we originally called it:

(When your high school is named after a baseball player, everything's stupid baseball...)

Then there was dropping out of college for the dotcom stuff.

And now... whoa... I googled up "experimental music podcast" and onetake is ranked #4 out of ~2 million hits.

Okay, that just makes my fucking day right there. I had no idea. I almost feel credible.
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