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Need to remove the one bad author from your favorite RSS feed? One… - Nate Bunnyfield [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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[Jun. 4th, 2007|04:44 am]
Nate Bunnyfield
Need to remove the one bad author from your favorite RSS feed?

One of the many problems I've put off for the last few months is removing the world's most annoying blogger from my media diet.

Her name is Wendy Boswell. She is Jean Teasdale without the punchline. She writes for one of my favorite sites (lifehacker.com) on the weekends consistently posting the dumbest things I read all week. Even her many, many duplicate posts end up giving me headaches.

So I told myself someday I would make a new LH feed/sans WB using Pipes.

It was the easiest thing ever. It works like a cross between Smalltalk or Max/MSP and Python or Ruby.

If you have any experience with scripting, you absolutely need to check Pipes out.

[User Picture]From: megaman
2007-06-04 08:18 pm (UTC)

yes | pipes -cool

OMG the iPhone!
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[User Picture]From: megaman
2007-06-04 08:18 pm (UTC)

Re: yes | pipes --cool

pipes --cool
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From: natebunnyfield
2007-06-04 08:28 pm (UTC)

Re: yes | pipes -cool

I don't know any suckers that will buy it. (Truth be told, I only played with a Blackberry for the first time last month. It could be three years before I touch an iPhone.)

Also, am I the only one that likes tactile response when typing? Someone should invent the iLightpen.
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