Nate Bunnyfield (natebunnyfield) wrote,
Nate Bunnyfield

The phone just rang now and I woke up. . .

Guy: "Is Nathan Hayes there?"
Me: "It's Nathaniel, but yeah. . ."
Guy: "Nathaniel, in a few seconds I'm going to connect you to your credit agent an-"
Me: "Who does he work for?"
Guy: "He works for the same company, NetFrist and Miran Bank. Nathaniel, do you currently have a major credit card with-"
Me: "Where are you located, Florida or Pennsylvania?"
Guy: "We're located in Florida."
Me: "Hey, I got it in the first try!"
Guy: "heh Right, Nathaniel do you currently have a major credit card with a credit limit of over $500?"
Me: "Yeah, of course."
Guy: "Then you overqualify for the particular offer I was calling about. Let me connect you with a voicemail agent who-"
Me: "Actually, I don't want your card or you to call me ever again."
Guy: "All right, I'll take you out of my computer."

And I know the karma from this shit adds up too.
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