Nate Bunnyfield (natebunnyfield) wrote,
Nate Bunnyfield

It is known by several names, in some areas it is called an "Eyeopener" or "Dagger" while along the East Coast of the United States, it is known as a "Heart Attack", "Birch" or when mixed with Peach Tree Schnapps, a "Birch Tree". In the American Midwest it is known as simply "Red Bull & Vodka", "Vodka Bomb", "V-Bull", or in Chicago, a "Klenfield." It has also been called a "Raging Bull" in the Austin, Texas area. In some areas of Canada, a shot glass of RedBull or similar energy drink is filled and then dropped into a glass of vodka, which is promptly drunk. This is known as a One-Armed Scissor. In Switzerland it is called "Gummibäärli" which means Gummi Bear. In Turkey, it is called "Votka Enerji," which means Vodka Energy. When mixed with cherry vodka, it is known as a "Cherry Bomb." Mixed with Jägermeister is it called a "Bull Blaster", "Trap Drink", "JägerBlaster" or "JägerBull", "JägerBomb", "JägerBomber", "Flying Hirsch" and "U-Boot" in some parts of Germany." When served with the Jägermeister still in a shot glass, it is called a "Train Wreck" or "Depth Charge." Mixed with whiskey, it is called "Bull's Balls" or "Night Bandit." When mixed with Hennessy it is known as "Crunk Juice" or "Wavy Juice." When dropped in Rum, it has been called a tweaking Puerto Rican in reference to the energy boost and term associated with being on speed. When mixed with tequila and vodka, it is sometimes known as a "TVR" in the UK and Tokyo metropolitan area of Japan where the name is recognised as referring to the TVR sports car company. This has been further bastardised into "PVR" by members of the British Military by adding Port to Vodka RedBull, as the initials PVR stands for Permanent Volantary Withdrawl (Terminology used for getting out the military early). When served with Vodka and Cranberry juice, it is known as, "VCR." Detroiters may order a "Black-Bull" - which would be a Red Bull mixed with Guinness Stout. In South Texas and Mexico when mixed with vodka, especially of the Absolut brand, it is called Absolut Bullshit. "Dave" is the name given to 1/2 pint lager, vodka and red bull, mixed in a pint glass, in Bradford, UK. These drinks are quite popular, despite the potential health risks of mixing any energy drink with alcohol, as mentioned below. Kanye West's supposed patented drink the "Kanye-azy" is one shot hennesey and one shot black douglas dropped into a glass of Red Bull. In Southern California, a Gatorade/vodka/Redbull is a "Hydrated Russian Matador".
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