Nate Bunnyfield (natebunnyfield) wrote,
Nate Bunnyfield

This whole paragraph from President Bush is just lovely. via lemur68

America is a free society, which limits the role of government in the lives of our citizens. This commitment of freedom, however, does not require the redefinition of one of our most basic social institutions. Our government should respect every person, and protect the institution of marriage. There is no contradiction between these responsibilities. We should also conduct this difficult debate in a manner worthy of our country, without bitterness or anger.

The whole idea of a Federal Marriage Amendment makes me so damn mad, I almost don't where to start.

Here are some of my thoughts...

1. Slavery and (arguably) worker unions are some of our most basic social institutions too. Why did we give up on those?

2. It's not like limiting individual's rights through the US Constitution hasn't been tried before: Prohibition lasted almost 14 wonderful mob-filled years.

3. I would bet that in 70 years same-sex couples will be able to marry anywhere in the US. I'm judging that on totally unscientific research into the nation's anti-miscegenation laws, sodomy laws, same-sex adoption laws, and history of interfaith marriage.

4. This is the one big issue that hate groups can have some sway with the mainstream media and population. So I now hope the Klan (or whomever) gets enough airtime to do what they do best and scare the crap out of every undecided voter.

If it matters, I am against any federally recognized civil marriage. I feel it is such a personal and spiritual matter that it should not to be legislated, rewarded or penalized at a federal level.

And full disclosure, I'm also marrying my girl in a few weeks.
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