Nate Bunnyfield (natebunnyfield) wrote,
Nate Bunnyfield

Breaking Up, cont. 2

So, I am now going to attempt to explain something publically that could not be more private.

Lauren and I broke up yesterday.

Now there are only two people who this concerns: me and not you.

Breaking up was something I had brought up with her almost everyday for months and months. I knew it was what we both needed. So I set aside my fears and mustered up the strength and did it.

And I've been miserable. But I'm like that a lot. And mostly for my own reasons. Just like you have your issues and flaws, I have mine.

But what is happening now with Lauren and I is still between me, Lauren and God.

So now we have gained some perspective, which is a wonderful thing.

And we have more and new opportunities to take and that is a wonderful thing.

We have to let go and move on. And if we do that, that is also a wonderful thing.

But it's all—still—none of your business.

I hope you understand. (I would say 'We', but I don't want to speak for her on this.)

And do realize this is all coming from a guy who used to shower, shit and post every god damn personal email ver-fuckin'-batim on his website. Whatever, I've gotta get some coffee with Quinn now.
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