Nate Bunnyfield (natebunnyfield) wrote,
Nate Bunnyfield

My life as a highly organized slacker



1. I have always, always, always, always wanted a Moogerfooger ring modulator pedal. I am a compulsive deal hunter though, and it is impossible to find a deal on a new or used Moogerfooger

Then, late last night, I noticed a demo unit on sale at one of my favorite shops, Humbucker Music. I called in and they said they had just sold it last week. Then the guy did the most amazing thing... he sold it to me at cost! From $275 to $230!!

I was so ecstatic about this, I called him back and ordered 2 expression pedals because I need them anyway and I really wanted to say thanks. I really love shops like Humbucker where you feel good after doing business with them. It's just so damn rare these days.

2. Two days after putting my stuff up, I have already sold three things on and made about $45. So far, the experiment is a success! Sweet!

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3. Emily agreed to registering at At last, I can get me dutch typography collectibles, bike manuals and wine glasses!

4. I spent today showing GIS students at Haskell what cartography is. One guy in particular liked my aesthetic perspective on maps. He is now my favorite student ever.

5. I am a confirmed TimeTo for Windows user. In my semi-exhaustive research, it is the only time management software that actually works for me.
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