Nate Bunnyfield (natebunnyfield) wrote,
Nate Bunnyfield

January 2006 is going to be a hard month to beat.

There's some pretty cool comments of just unadulterated love in there.

Like this ¥20,000 donor:
(When the child becomes the sickness, the importance of foundation is recognized)

Or this ¥50,000 donor:
(Please persevere.)

Or this ¥1,000 donor:
Please hold out in the future.

Or this $100 donor:
Why are copyrighted gradeschool Math textbooks $50 when the paper and binding costs about $4? The language of Math should not be copyrighted for ridiculous profits.

Or this $25 donor:
I can read the Britannica, but I can't help write it.

Or this $10 donor:
Knowledge is never free. But, thanks for letting me learn what a parsec is.

Or this $20 donor:
Ce n'est qu'un petit geste, mais je suis fier de soutenir cette belle entreprise pas comme les autres.
(It is only a small gesture, but I am proud to support this beautiful enterprise which is unlike any other.)

Or this $25 donor:
Unterstütze die, die uns Unterstützung geben
(Support those which give us support.)

Or this €10 donor:
Perché la diffusione del sapere ci renda tutti più liberi
(Because the spread of the knowledge renders us all the freest ones.)

Or this $25 donor:
For the freedom of all poeple gained with knowledge. I am disabled and living on social security. I never give donations because I can not aford to but I find I must suport this cause.

Many students say Wikipedia is their textbook and the reason they got their good grades, which should not be ignored by any educator.

Lastly, this $20 donor:
I feel like I'm making a donation to my brain!

And this CDN$20 donor:

Kooky translations:
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