Nate Bunnyfield (natebunnyfield) wrote,
Nate Bunnyfield

This is one of the most poetic spams I've ever recieved...

From: "Letha Huerta" <>
Subject: hi dad

Hey mom&dad,

Just wanted to write you and let you know how that de_gree program I
tried out went...

Well 2 weeks later, I graduated, & finished my masters in less then 2 weeks with No Study Required and 1_0_0_% Verifiable!

Yeah, I know you guys doubted it at first,but this turned out to be ,1.0,0% legit!
The op,portunity exists due to a legal loophole allowing some established colleges to award at their dis.cretion.

I'm so excited mom and dad this was a life altering opp,ortunity & for once in my life I took advantage of it.
I already have jobs that wouldn't of gave me a chance before calling me off the hook now! This really is a Godsend.

Tell my sister and cousin Joey they better hurry up and call that # i gave them the other day because counselor James said they aren't excepting
many more students for this offer. here are the deg,rees they offer,

B/A, B,S,C, M/A M,S.C, M.B.A, P,h,D
and the number to c,all again 1-2,0,6,-338-5780 tell them to leave brief message of the de,gree they want, and they will call back ASAP.

Anyways, much love and tell the rest of the family I said hello :)
love your son,Gene

Mark at 27 months looked ?normal?. He came from a good family who provided lots of stimulation. Mark had one word--'ba' as in 'Ball.' Everything was 'ba.' After a few days of orientation in the classroom, I presented the computer. The first day he sat at the computer for 20 minutes and pressed the ball, bus, bee on the IntelliKeys keyboard over and over again. He then looked at me and pointed to the ball and said ?Ba? Then he pointed to the bee and said 'Be' and the Bus and said 'Bu.' I was astonished and his mother started to cry..
That librarian isn't enjoying jumping at the company..
Have the managers already loved shouting?.
You know, for the last few months, John's been traveling around the country talking about his positive, optimistic vision for America, talking about his plan to move this country in the right direction..
Those bus drivers aren't missing praying on the street just now..
They are not missing shouting today..
Hasn't Buddy ever liked swimming?.
That computer programmer isn't enjoying swimming behind the post office right at this time.
Were those pilots practicing praying?.
Those news announcers aren't practicing shaving next to the police station right at this time..
I don't hate studying in London..
Every child communicates in some form whether it be by crying, body language, facial expressions or verbalization. Some children talk early, some late, some with augmentative communication devices, some not at all. As a teacher I wanted to facilitate the child learning language..
i am terribly hungry, do you want to get some food later on?.
I get from most parents is ?Can you teach my child to talk?? This question has haunted me for years..
I was missing jumping..
You are always missing reading..
Haven't the journalists liked surfing?.
That pilot is missing surfing..
Early last month I was still missing sleeping..
But, I spent the next three weeks making a piece of simple software for her son to her specifications. While I was at it, I put 4-8 pictures on the screen as well. The simple program was finished and ready for her child to see. As I was presenting it, the other children in my classroom were pushing each other to get to the computer screen to touch that Touch Window and hear the word spoken again and again. I looked at these kids and was amazed. There was no music, no animation, nothing cute about this program at all, just real pictures with real words. I was stunned. I just watched the children. Within 10 minutes, several children who had never said a word in their life, made approximations of several words. I was hooked..
Many bartenders like driving every other day..
Then came THE PARENT. (Now, you need to know, I love the parents of the children I teach.) This parent arrived on the scene with her son who had Down?s Syndrome. She wanted a piece of software with REAL photos, one on each screen with the word in text and the word spoken aloud. I looked at her and thought to myself, ?B-O-R-I-N-G. The child will NEVER respond to that.?.
Were those pilots practicing praying?.
Joseph has just remembered walking..
Did those bus drivers regret singing?.
Donna's daughter hasn't practiced playing yet..
Wasn't Dick missing talking on the street?.
Jackie is missing jogging by the sea at present..
I'm not enjoying fighting over there..
That photographer isn't enjoying fighting..
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