Nate Bunnyfield (natebunnyfield) wrote,
Nate Bunnyfield

Did you not get enough sleep last night? Did you not sleep at all? Do you even remember what you did last night?

If not, join me and Virginia Sue in our First Sleeplessness Competition.

RULE 1. Anything you find inside 7-11 is okay to do, anything that has a street name to it is not.

RULE 2. No napping. Well, a few nod offs clocking under a minute are fine — I remember my 8:30AM Calc II.

RULE 3. Either post a comment to this entry under your LJ account, or call 301-565-9798 and leave me a message within three hours of your last post/call. Both are time-stamped by independent third parties, which is good enough. Worse comes to worse, just save a chat or something like that.

My brother, Chris, will be the deciding judge of the winner, as well as any and all disputes.

It's a test of wills of two (or more) increasingly cranky people!

Stay tuned, right here !!!
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