Nate Bunnyfield (natebunnyfield) wrote,
Nate Bunnyfield

You people are insane. (Score:5, Funny)
by Anonymous Coward on Sunday August 28, @06:52PM (#13422933)

Google hires an operating system engineer.

Clearly Google is writing the operating system to a super space robot that will be used to eradicate Microsoft!

Google buys a company that makes photo organizer software.

Clearly Google is doing this so that they can recreate iPhoto, as a preliminary step to creating competing products to iCal, iDisk, Apple Mail, and finally Mac OS X itself!

Google hires a janitor.

Clearly that janitor is secretly a superhero with super-strength which Google will use to eliminate all crime on earth!

Google buys up some disused fiber-optic cable.

Clearly Google is going to make their own internet!

yay for timely geek on geek humor.
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