Nate Bunnyfield (natebunnyfield) wrote,
Nate Bunnyfield


Honey,I'm back at my flat. I'm ok now. I'd been sleeping all day coz of the medicine. I miss u so much.

I'm admitted in the hospitol. I miss u,sweetheart.Sorry for wake u.


You can come and pick Z after 6pm tomorrow. Can see no reason u cant collect ur own child.

As i said. U can collect him any time after 6pm on friday. Saturday am wont work 4 us.

We have 2 choices: pick up at 5 friday or 6.45 sat am. Anna needs to know by 4 today.

After 6 fri does not work for us, and as you say i cant pick him up sat am, then i presume you will be dropping him fri eve as you suggested on sun.


Baby, thank u 4 being so supportive 2 me during this trial. It was truly touching 2 hear u say all those meaningful words. May the Lord bless u with even mo wisdom and strength 4 us all to harvest. U r awesome and all that I have. I love u.


Hi, i enjoyed everything and lets hope everything will be fine.


hello dolapo am sry 4 not callin you,are u still in osogbo bcos am in osogbo,anyway ill call u later 2day.bisoye

i you!i hope u me2!what i m trying 2 say is..i Li Loi Lost a wordbcoz i dnt knowhow 2 say"i MISS you!" in d sweetest way
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