Nate Bunnyfield (natebunnyfield) wrote,
Nate Bunnyfield

Nate Haas - Look At The Cat!
(zip file of 65.7MB)

Yay! This is my second album.
It is much more listenable than the first, I Think My Dog Smells Your Dog.
(Which so happened to be the point of the first album.)

Most of it was made over the last year with Casio SK-5.
It was made principally without computers.
(Except for the half-ass mastering.)


p.s. I had some issues with the iTunes' labeled ID3 tags. So redownload it, if need be.
p.p.s. Here's a tracklist:

1. An Opening Is An Opening Is An Opening. (1:08)
2. Old Kooky, Sad Grandpa. (1:07)
3. This Is Almost A Song, She Said. (3:54)
4. An Echo Harp. (1:51)
5. It's Still A Good Day. (1:53)
6. For You, I Make Things Like This. (1:05)
7. Sometimes, I Forget What I Can't Remember. (2:15)
8. ...And Without Much Ado. (1:41)
9. Hold On, The Sun Is In My Eyes. (4:02)
10. Without Words: We Blossom, We Thrive. (1:41)
11. I Know What To Do Now. (1:21)
12. An Eternal Airport Terminal. (1:12)
13. A Brand New World. (1:16)
14. This Ain't No Coldplay Song. (0:40)
15. Done In An Absence Of Thought. (2:12)
16. A Conversation Between A Real Dimwit And His Sidekick. (1:56)
17. Why Doesn't Giving Up Make The Pain Go Away? (0:53)
18. Yeah, Andrew Is The Coolest. (0:24)
19. Attention- You Attention, Please. (4:46)
20. LLNNLL Is Lonely. (5:20)
21. A Dirge For The Forgotten Toykeyboardist. (2:16)
22. My Ex-Girlfriend's Uncle. (0:49)
23. An Experiment in White Noise Performance. (10:50)
24. Sometimes, You Hear Somethings. (4:28)

Total: 59:00
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