Nate Bunnyfield (natebunnyfield) wrote,
Nate Bunnyfield

My dreams have just become crazy normal. Like there is no huge 1984 political theme or anything. And the cast is people I knew well, almost like I have picked up emotional development where I left out in high school and santa cruz.

Like here's the dream I just had..

in my dream

i'm back at cabrillo
and one of my middle school science teachers, the happy and fat one, is actually an art-on-computers teacher
she is packing up her stuff, with her coworking boyfriend-type
and they are heading off to greener pastured retirement

i tell her that i am becoming a cartographer
but she says i already told her before i left

i sit next to bobby for the whole art-on-computers lab
he's in the class
and i am ridiculously entertained by how naïve he and the class are

everyone (brooke, ming and many other people from high school) wants to hang with asa
after i mention him
so i just walk away disappointed and thinking “there were always shallow, no matter how much i didn't want the to be”

the people working in the cafteria there are awful
just rich bastards who don't give a shit
rich surburb kids

also the whole campus is in an old victorian house, not a school proper

and there is an italian fashion designer on tv, then real life
talking about how no one makes a shirt for the male schoolteacher

and i make the point that scouts (boy or girl) is about learning
believe me, the comment was very apt, even insightful, at the time

and i was travelling around DC, taking the subway
it was much more 90s european than the metro

my cartography professor, my marine geography professor and i were going out to dinner

and my marine geography professor had a knack for skidding the helicopter sideways on exit ramps, then taking off between the trees

and the woman bouncer asked for id
and i laughed, cause obviously my beard kinda precluded me being that young

anyway, back to dc, i was heading toward a carousel
and i was thinking about how there weren't enough humansized, bipedal animals
or a thought like that

and the chipmunks were fucking huge

i mean, there were normal ones to
but i figured the one leaning on the gate
the six foot tall one
he probably got up every morning and begged the tourist families for food there
like every day for the last ten years

fat bastard chipmunk

come to think of it, it is the practicing piano for many hours each day that's putting me in this immensely positive self space, heart space, mental state, whatever.

and positive stuff that emily van yuga said keeps coming back at me too.

ha, that sounds like shelf space... sweet and sweaty dreams, ya'll.
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