Nate Bunnyfield (natebunnyfield) wrote,
Nate Bunnyfield

I woke up ten minutes ago.

Or rather, I got dressed and got my backpack on ten minutes ago.

I walked out my door, down the stairs.

And while crossing the street, I noticed a black cat staring intently, yet cautiously keeping it's distance from a something near this telephone pole.

Then I noticed a man lying across the curb next to this telephone pole.

I also saw that he was smoking a lot of pot.

Upon closer inspection, I realized that no, he wasn't smoking at all. He was just trying to set the telephone pole on fire.

And doing an awful job of it.

I considered asking him, a la Sam Wilson, why are you doing this?

But visions of physical violence and having to run to safety steered me well clear of this.

Instead I pulled out some carrot bread I bought yesterday and tried to figure out if this warranted calling 911, or just the non-emergency number.

This is the kind of thought I often find myself having.

And in the midst of all this internal confusion, a parking enforcement guy rolls up in a chessy electric car right in front of me. I wave him down and he stops ten feet away. I wait, thinking he'll drive up the difference. Seconds pass. He doesn't move. So I walk up to him and explain:

Hey, there's a guy playing with fire over on Baldwin in front of the elementary school. Do you know where that is? Yeah, I think he's trying to set a telephone pole on fire or something.

And I stare at his face, and I realize that unprepared is actually an emotion and I'm looking right at it.

If the day gets any wierder... oh, this calendar says last night was a full moon. Good to know, good to know.
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