Nate Bunnyfield (natebunnyfield) wrote,
Nate Bunnyfield

LiveJournal (Revisited)

Okay, I just did an 'interest search' on 'autechre' and another on 'dub' came up with twenty people in common and one community.

I perused the community and joined it.

And then I went through the some of the folk's journals and websites and found myself inspired.

I like these people. These are my people. I bookmark Angela with the intention of commenting on her journal someday. I like her. I want her to know that. And I'd like her to like me too. (It's all very self-serving, but whatever.. that's me.)

Anyhoo, I feel a sense of community I haven't felt in a long time. These are my people, damn it! They understand how technology is an unforgiving bitch of a drug and the internet industry is a most ridiculous place. But even if you don't agree with that, there's just something I share with these people.

And it all makes me wanna be myself. Which is really fucking lovely. Quite, quite so.
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