Nate Bunnyfield (natebunnyfield) wrote,
Nate Bunnyfield

It's funny.

I have two keyobards in my bed.
Both black. Both battery powered.
Both about the size and weight.

And when I try to say something online, I occasionally start making atonal FM synthesizer noises.

It's funny.

But in fact, this snippet leads me to my real point... I have figured out the biggest part of why I care so much about composing, recording and performing music.

And it is fascinating to me.

First though, here are the questions that led me to it...
1 Music is my soul's blood. I don't know anyone worth knowing who doesn't feel as very strongly about music. But how can we all be into such different stuff?
2  The ability to speak well (convincingly, confidently, etc.) is highly attractive in all cultures I know of. How does this relate to another global cultural commonality music?
3  Can the theories of music as "information in another form" (John Cage) or "communication of the sublime" (Philip Glass) be furthered?

And what I've come up with is this...

We're all on our own trip. All dealing with our own emotions.
And we get to be terribly complicated machines based on simple principles.
Not suprsisingly, we often learn deal in diverse, yet similar ways.
Lifestyles, cultures and all sorts of systems of beliefs develop in turn.

So when a singer articulates not only what you're thinking through lyrics, but also the feelings one already knows well, that's "good" music.

Like George Carlin's approach to stand-up. Look it up.

So yeah, it should seem pretty fucking obvious to you.

But if you're an alien like me who thinks music is just the craziest evolutionary thing ever, this is so fantastic.

How all this noise can carry so much, so so much significance... it's just great.

So where this leads to next is what noises work for what?

Why do I like droning noises, repetition, fast percussion, frail voices, et cetera?

Artists like John Lennon often sound like assholes for saying they feel more, if this is true how on earth do non-musicians unthink themselves out of experiencing their own lives?
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