Nate Bunnyfield (natebunnyfield) wrote,
Nate Bunnyfield

Athena/ricedream asked me to come up with an upsetting fast piece of music about a minute long in length.
For a slideshow at the end of her piece about racism in all-women, community-based college theatre show.

I spent a few days figuring it out in my head.
Then gave up on doing it all myself and asked Dan/sacredlunatic to help with the piano part.
Then Troy/troy_story for drums... remind me to give him a new icon.

They did the most incredibly amazing job.
Rocked it out in just three takes.
With enough time to get back to class.

Then after practicing a bit yesterday, it took me maybe twenty takes this morning to do the cello parts.
And then most of the afternoon to do the irritating voice loops and glitch.
And then the early part of the evening to master it or whatever you call it when you mix, compress and EQ everything.

And so I present my first – and so far only – commisioned work: An Upsetting Crescendo In 2:40

ps And it also sounds happy and good backwords: 042ICUA.mp3
Play them one after each other for increased difficulty. Winner is you. Cause you can do anything you wish to.
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