Nate Bunnyfield (natebunnyfield) wrote,
Nate Bunnyfield

I was up late last night thinking about my life. Watching TV, reading Nine Stories, walking...

I'm unhappy with work. They need a developer, so they've started treated me as one.

But I'm not an Object Oriented Perl developer.

I do this for the immediate gratification of meeting peoples needs.

And people really do appreciate it.

I learned scripting out of that. Of course, I've taken Computer Science since high school so it's not hard for me to appear like the real thing.


But I don't care as much about buffers and packets and system performance as much as I care about improving peoples lives.

Buy a faster computer if you need it to run faster, but DO NOT sacrifice any of the application's functionality.

'End Users' are the reasons we can do this for a living—so don't disrespect them punk! =]


So I go on a short, cold walk in my laundry clothes—t-shirt, fleece, shorts and my yellow Cons—and I resolved to talk to my boss tomorrow.

I'm going to California one way or another. And I love you all !!
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