Nate Bunnyfield (natebunnyfield) wrote,
Nate Bunnyfield

reducate, restore, recover, etc.  this is how my mood is swinging right now

oversleep an hour
on campus
no ticket

in a world without greedy parking enforcement
every morning could start like that

the bahá'í fast is in a month
i've done it for maybe three years now
but i feel like i should, oh i don't know..
become a bahá'í first this time

we'll see
there's a center up in san jose i want to visit

last night, i went to good chinese
and saw a friend joshua marker from my (first) college days
with athena

that's my girlfriend's name
i never mention her by name
but that's her name

it's a name that opens all kinds of doors
believe you me

anyway, we caught up a little bit
he's living a hard life, but has a nice view

spent most of the time
looking at edward tufte's books

I have decided to defer sjsu to the fall, if possible
and realize my portfolio for acceptance into the art program together

so more time and another parking sticker
at the best community college ever
and that ain't sarcasm

and now
here's what i've been thinking for the past for years

i don't know how to act
or what to say and when to say it

i want to improve the world
leave it better than i came into it

i have a moral compass
i have an independent mind
i have a complete blind faith in everything

but i also am seemingly addicted to
self doubt, second guessing myself, underfooting and television

what am i to do about this ?
be myself ?
stop eating meat ?
start eating people ?
what the hell is right with me ?
i am making a bad joke about eating people on a website
i don't care who reads it
if i spent....

new tract
of thought
(a dictionary claims that phrase is obselete..)

i can do this

ps as someone who is in love, i can tell you that love is bullshit. maybe just to the same degree as anything nice, but still it's a damnable metaphysical virus in my experience.
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