Nate Bunnyfield (natebunnyfield) wrote,
Nate Bunnyfield

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Problem #07133
In a forum like LJ that everyone involved follows, it takes balls to bring up the important issues.

Abstract everything and everyone involved in the sitution beyond the point where people could know what the hell you're going on about.


i like you all
even if i don't show it as well as i could
i really honestly like you a lot
you, the person reading this
i think about you from time to time
and when you're not around
or i don't hear from you
i miss you more than you realize

it sounds creepy
but that's how i am sometimes
i wish i wasn't at all
but i have come to terms with parts of myself
parts of who i am that i just don't like

and if i seem just incredibly difficult to deal with
it's not cause i mean to be
i am living my life as best i can with what i have

understand that i'm doing the best i can

and if that's not good enough
leave me alone
to my porn and warez

= )


As long as there is LJ
there will be LJDRAMA.
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