Nate Bunnyfield (natebunnyfield) wrote,
Nate Bunnyfield

schoolwork on little sleep  that scotch roman found in us children's books from the 1950s

I have whatever it is called when a type designer gets writer's block.

I need to get together with Mark about the incredibly elusive Estradasphere font. I have started on it maybe two dozen times now and I finally realized I have no idea what his needs are. Besides condensed and for the web/screen.

I played with my new compass all during class and lab. My compass is from Germany, my curve set is called French, my last name is in Dutch and my bunny is still dead.

I really need to figure out and start giving reasonable quotas to everyone I host because I have had to upgrade to the High Volume account just because I am hosting about a gig for $72 a month. And ask xlyorine what is going on.

I need to decide what to do about roommates because it's been a week. Either way, I need to agree and ask for the money. $500 divided by 4 is what I am thinking.

I need to go back to the health center in an hour and a half. And get a note or whatever that the pains in my testicles, joints and brain were so bad for the past week I couldn't go to class. Except for a Geography exam.

I need to do a lot of schoolwork.

I need to do a lot of schoolwork over the next few months.

I have next to no interest in doing schoolwork right now.

but i still is
and i still am
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