Nate Bunnyfield (natebunnyfield) wrote,
Nate Bunnyfield

otaku speedvibe saved/ruined my life

And I've been losing some lj friends for a few months now, but I have always felt that that is a good thing.
Because I'd rather have people not pretend to be interested in my stuff when they're not.
Just cause I am interested in what you have to say, doesn't mean anything more than just that..

in other words
If you ain't into reading me talk about whatever, maybe you shoud take me off.
Don't think it's a horrible thing to drop me off your friends list.
You're on my list cause I'm interested in knowing where you are at and what you have to say.
And I have even grown proud of how incredibly amazing my friends page is. At times.
But if you start posting more survey results, bricks on bricks wondering if you should go to breakfast with your roommate and, god forbid, those song lyrics... maybe you get the idea.

It's LJ, not Life.

And about those bricks and bricks of text:

If pressing enter was costing anyone money, then I wouldn't do it as much as I do.
But it doesn't.
So maybe think about why you're posting in paragraphs.
Cause while you definitely can overdue it with the spacing;
I am always skimming over the posts that are just solid dickens-era format.

This unusually angsty post was completely brought on from being very sick again and listening to j-speedcore for the first time in years.
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