Nate Bunnyfield (natebunnyfield) wrote,
Nate Bunnyfield

wouldn't you kill the president, if you could get away with it?

The right needs the left.
Democrats need the Republicans.
Fundamentalists have little to no concept of balance.
They're just unheathily obsessed with being 'right', which is just some Greco-Roman empire bullshit.
Adapt or die, right?

See, my friends page is just full of anti-republican sentiments.
Exclusively this anti-GOP stuff.


I could definitely stand to make more conservative friends.
In both classic and contemporary flavors.

And no, I didn't vote.
The only time I've ever voted was to vote for Nader.
And I'm a registered libertarian, so go figure.

I don't believe that democracy is best.
And contrary to popular belief, we do not live in a democracy.

And I don't believe in representative republics either.
Which as many libertarians point out when they accost you on the street, is what we do live in.

I want a dynastic dictatorship with selectively payable taxes that enables self-determination and self-preservation for all.
Where gun control and prisons are around only out of the need for social harmony.
And marriages are cultural or religious tradition, not some silly financial incentive.

It will be called Overpopulationistan.
And we will be the Overpopulators.

When I tell people that I am for children's suffrage, I usually get “they'll just vote what their parents vote.”
But every election I have seen becomes a popularity contest decided by positive media exposure.

So maybe children would just vote vote like their parents.
But at least they'd be full citizens with representation then.
And give DC statehood for pete's sake.

I miss Michigan.
The only militias we have in Santa Cruz are the reggae death squads.
Okay, we don't really have those..

omg, patty/vomitgirl might be pro-libertarian..

We all want move out to the middle of the desert.

In a enormous matte black cube.

I'll call it my ground zero.
And you'll call it area 512.
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