Nate Bunnyfield (natebunnyfield) wrote,
Nate Bunnyfield

this is the scar before the cut. zen is a discipline, not a design scheme. and i can sing better than i thought.

This is the text.

Conditional love is the last thing I need right now.

This is the sound.

I have to let go and see where I land.

This is the signal.

The cowboy robot love song you have always secretly wanted to hear.

Who can say we aren't aliens inhabitanting primate bodies, homesick in every way imaginable for Betelgeuse ?
I think that the history of mankind started in other planets, in other solar systems.
And when the Earth becomes uninhabitable, some of us will be off yet again.
Someday maybe our bodies will become pure energy. Or maybe it's already happened.
Sometimes, the scar forms before the cut.

This is the dream logic.

I definitely will be using LJ differently from now on, as that sense of community is just missing for me.
In fact, I'm not sure what the hell happened to all my friends.
I lost myself in my crazy thoughts.
But if I go back to where we lost saw each other, I know you won't be there.
I know you won't be there for me because I feel so alone.
Jane is right, math is the only thing that makes sense.
So why is that? Why do I complicate my life by caring about you?
And even caring about what I think you think of me?

The is the message.

I am letting go of you, at long last.

Oh, and I went to LA and played on some ungodly expensive analogue synthesizers for a good half hour.
The Guns & Roses keyboardist was there and shopping for the same thing as me.
Shop owner guy made my day when he said he could use someone like me around to explain things to him.

I'm looking at this Ching's Architecture book and it's making too much sense, it's making architecture look too easy, like I am already doing it.
They say once you learn three languages, the fourth and fifth are that much easier.
It seems the same is true for design and composition.
I mean, most typographers have done more than just design and layout type, they have done architecture, sculpture and kittens. Okay, they didn't have sex with kittens. Well, a few tried to.. my point is, I am lonely, you haven't called me back and I'm dealing with it.
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