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In case I die soon, this is how far I've gotten what I jokingly refer to as NUMBEROLOGY.

I've been working on it seriously for the last few months, but the seed was planted long ago. And I plan to use it for music and graphic design. But it seems to me, this is a lot of what man's interaction with his/her world is based upon.

* * *

It is all about tension. Read Buckminster Fuller to get into this way of thinking.

When in doubt, start with the human body, including it's proportions, behaviors and interactions.

Prime numbers (especially 2,3,5,7,11) are the most important abstractions in the universe. (For example, all integers can be reduced to adding primes to whatever power.)

Nature has been solving problems or "engineering" far longer than mankind. Learn from it. And keep returning to it.

Fit five into four. Or three into two. It is punk rock fun.

Variation versus repetition might be the greatest tension.
On societal terms, this can mean civil disobedience.

Because variation/mutation/education only happens to a small group of people, the whole of society is both behind and ahead.
This seems to me to be why democracy both sucks and works.

Complexity has many flavors, but systematic simplification is the most beautiful to me. And modularity is pretty sexy too.

Self-reference (as in writing, fractals, recursive functions or post-modern works) is a great sign of intelligence.

No technology becomes obselete.
What works works, don't listen to the sales guy.

Humans have always acted just like monkeys.
The fact they have gotten so far with science is completely amazes me.

Anyone who can vote deserves to vote, including children, robots and animals.
Equal rights means equal rights.

Restriction of freedoms like gun control and prisons are necessary for social harmony.

Growth is good & beautiful.

Work is a form of worship.

Believe your experience.

"Specialization is for insects," wrote Henlein.

Concepts like squares and colors don't actually exist.
Especially circles and money. They are only abstract ideas in your head.
Note: I haven't read any semiotic texts yet. I could have a lot more to say on this.

Know when it's good enough and LET GO, as you cannot escape the law of diminishing returns.

Learn basic economic theory.
It shows up in every aspect of your world and life.

If it doesn't exist, invent it.

Do it by yourself.

Fears are to be conquered.

Harmony is beauty.
It does not exist without an audience.

And beauty is a verb, like eveything else.
Read Buckminster Fuller for more on this.

* * *

And that ends the rough draft of my personal religious text.

ampersand ampersan& ampers&&&</FON
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