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I wanna be your hand.
I wanna hold your man.
I wanna be your hand.

So I'm programming beats.

I want to talk to someone, but they're not home.
I keep wanting to leave nice caring thoughtful messages.
But as soon as the beep comes, I lose the "thank you for the last few days. it's been really great for me. and hope you're doing good too."
Which is replaced with "ummm.. I am an asshole.. don't call me back.. now wait, call me back.. all right, I will call you at 11pm and then we'll talk, unless you're avoiding me.. which is what I'd probably be doing if I were you right now.. cause I'm leaving all these creepy messages.. okay, yeah, call me and we'll ta- BEEP! click.

(fucking time limits)

So yeah, I'm waiting to hear back from someone. I kinda really fucked up things. Which is a shame. And makes me extremely apologetic and depressed. And really really....

You know I should do this diagram I keep seeing in my head:

Amount of mental, physical and spiritual energy needed
... for start of new relationshipXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Amount of energy I have right nowXXX

If they were an edge to the world, I'd jump off it right now.
Fortunately, I'm told it's an ellipsoid.
I wanna not be like how I am. Okay, not really. just need to vent...

I think I'm staying in Santa Cruz another season to take a Geographic Information System class at Cabrillo.
Then moving to LA.
At last. I'm figuring out if I want to be a geographer or not.
It makes A LOT of sense because I like people, smart things, visual communication, TYPE, databases and maps.
All of which are a big part of GIS.
I think. I don't really now yet.
I'll talk to my Geography Lab instructor who does it for a living.

cursed mobile phone
bla bla blalabalba bla
haikus insult me

No time for love, Doctor Jones!
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