Nate Bunnyfield (natebunnyfield) wrote,
Nate Bunnyfield

Last night, I came home and the front door was open.

And I didn't see Raph anywhere.

So this morning when I couldn't find him anywhere, I thought cat Raph had gone through the open door and run far away and gotten killed.

I went looking across town, around our old apartment on the beach, in case he had gone there.

And I started to wait for him to show up. Maybe.

But then he saunters down the staircase.

He was just hiding in the house somewhere.

The church bells keep ringing.
Not frequency modulated.
Or windows default theme alerts.
But real big important sounding dongs.

I learned town clock towers used to have to be corrected using the much more realible sundial.
Like a physicalization of network time sync.
And I dunno, it's not that interesting.
But I think it's beautiful when nature simply outperforms machine.
So Go Nature Go!
And reclaim those server farms and defense contracts!
Don't save humanity from its grave !!
That's President Bush's job.
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