Nate Bunnyfield (natebunnyfield) wrote,
Nate Bunnyfield

A new profile.

I'm a TV addict without the cancer.

The worst kind of insensitivity.

With a huge fetish for advertising and type.
And real proof of neurotic addiction.

I seem to be a creative-type stuck with an engineer's mind.




I grew up in the Bethesda, Maryland and Washington DC. In the same house. With the same parents. Down the street from large buildings full of people dedicated to health and medicine.

I changed my bedroom once when my older brother went to college. Six years later, I went to Kalamazoo College in Michigan. It's kind of across the lake from Chicago and toward the center of The Hand.

I was majoring in Computer Science and Economics, but I started getting job offers that made me realize I could safely drop out. I realized I had way too much academic intellectualism, but not enough real-life or work experience. I really can't seem to stand anything too routine, predictable or impractical. Which is what a liberal arts education is a lot of the time.

I thought about going to San Francisco, but I felt compelled to patch things up with my parents. Which was made harder when they found out I hadn't even showed up to my last finals.

So I went off on my own and lived in Silver Spring MD, right outside to DC. I would spend a lot of time alone. At work or at home. Always online. Which still shows up sometimes. I begin to shoot photos a lot. And write. And learn a lot about the internet, business and design.

My first job at was great. And my old boss Jim is largely responsible for my positive attitude and self-confidence. He also introduced my to layout and type and the whole graphic design industry. After a year though, I lost interest in work, maybe got a little burnt out and was fired.

My second job at was hell. Don't work for people who make you feel like crap and can't ever seem to pay you on time, is my embittered advice. I am still recovering from some form – some really weird form – of creative trauma from that gig.

Each job lasted a year.

I then moved out to Santa Cruz to be with Lauren, after going out long distance for a year. Sometimes this included flying out to see her once or twice a month. Thank you Priceline for your low, low fares. I really like California, but am not sure about the Californians.

Now I am a Graphic Design major at Cabrillo, a community college near Santa Cruz CA.

I'll likely be transferring (and moving) to LA in this next year, 2003. But who really knows. I've done crazier things than ditch my “long-term plans” 'cause of some feeling in my gut.
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