Nate Bunnyfield (natebunnyfield) wrote,
Nate Bunnyfield

boring psot #3985632984

2002/05/27 9:55 I wake up, put on a jeans and a Python Conference shirt inside out and head to UCSC to pick up Athena.

2002/05/27 10:10 Pick up Athena and head to Kinko's. Steal 3 rubber bands and 2 paper clips. Contemplate buying Post-It note bookmarks, but don't. Leave for Monterey.

2002/05/27 11ish Arrive at Monterey Bay Aquarium after driving through Seaside pop. 20,000 and Sand City pop. 200. The ticket line is long but pretty moves fast. Everyone is in a family here. There's someone in a big Badtz Maru costume bouncing around. I think this is out of character, but I'm not sure. Walk around, stare and marvel at the marine life such as jellyfish. See the cool fish that live at the bottom of the ocean.

2002/05/27 13ish Go down the street to a restaurant with a old pit stop theme. Discuss her major, political theatre, and my interest American typography. Ask if any EZLN theatre exists. Tell her the G.I. Joe story, which I have always forgotten to tell somehow.

2002/05/27 15:00: Watch the penguins get fed.

2002/05/27 15:30: Watch a man drop a plastic bag into the outdoor tide pool.

2002/05/27 16:00: Watch the kelp farm fish get fed.

2002/05/27 16:30: Go back to the touch tanks. Overcome my fear of killing beautiful living things by touching them mostly due to Athena's stunning and inspiring leadership skills. Hang out outside in run down cement structure right on the beach. Watch girls wholy and lovingly embrace someone in a Hello Kitty costume.

2002/05/27 19:00: Drop Athena off and promise to see her troupe's last improv show of the year this Friday.

2002/05/27 19:00: Get tickets for Spiderman. Head over to bookstore and while perusing children's bible books (including one with an introduction by Alanis) get a good idea for my Graphic Design final.

2002/05/27 19:50: Enjoy Spiderman a whole lot. Hold Lauren's hand everytime she cries.

2002/05/27 22:30 Head to Saturn Cafe and invite Liam and Becca to join us. Draw out GD final thumbs.

2002/05/27 23:00 Eat good food. Ignore Liam's behavior completely. Promise to see Becca's opera before improv show.

2002/05/28 00:10 Take Liam off my friends list.
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