Nate Bunnyfield (natebunnyfield) wrote,
Nate Bunnyfield

I'm starting to sing again.
On the car ride home.
The car ride home from the catharsis.
It's just fucking pretentious to say that word, but it's really apropos to the story.

hahahaha... making fun of big word people..

Anyway, the catharsis was this...

Wait, I'm turning the TV back on.
I'm an addict.

Okay, there's some stuff on TLC and Discovery that's okay.
American wolf and mailbomber documentaries.

I really love American art.
I don't think it's the best because it's not.
I just really, really like it.

I saw a documentary on Jasper Johns today.
One of the interviewees talked about how pieces of art had replaced the function of precious metals.
I never really thought of it like that before.

There so many ads on television.
I was thinking about it and I really think that I would have two ad breaks per show.
One long one between the shows and one long stretch just before the ending of the show.
Like a cliffhanger every episode.

Well, I'm working on a cover for the Bible.
I'm remixing some big Hebrew characters for it.
Because of influence from Cyndy.

Medical Detectives just ended. That show is better than a lot of the crap on right now.

Gonna watch some CIA and Hollywood on AMC now.

Wow. It's 5am.

I've got the book cover for the bible done.
It sucks.

Oh well. I suck at this.

I'm gonna go to bed now after I upload it.
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