November 18th, 2007

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For any other What Dreams May Come geeks...

Back in his office, the 12-foot-long printout of computer code hanging from his wall is testament to Mack's whole-hog disposition. Here's a snippet:

- /F["!///BT//J]"+!F[""+/~$\
- !E]T//J]!/+/F+/"F-/!F+/F[!"//F/^FXT//J]-
- E]T//J]!/+/F+/"F-/!F+/F[!"//F/^FXT//J]-

These strings of characters are the DNA of a digital seed that grew into the blossoming tree in What Dreams May Come. The tree, as well as the brain in Fight Club, were built using an L-system, named for botanist Aristid Lindenmayer, who in 1968 developed a mathematical system to classify plants according to their branching structure.