August 5th, 2007

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I can only see my bank's security questions as an old school meme.

What was the name of your first pet?
What is the last name of your first boyfriend or girlfriend?
Which sports team did you like most as a child?
What is the first name of your closest childhood friend?
What is your favorite fictional character?
Who is your favorite person from history?
What is the last name of your favorite teacher?
What is your hobby?
What is your favorite car?
Name the place you'd go to on your ideal vacation?
What is your favorite restaurant?
What was your favorite place from your childhood?
What is your favorite animal?
What is your favorite food or drink?

Identity quantified.

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There was this absolute monster of a moth right outside the apartment tonight.

Also, Mr. Black Moth Super Rainbow wrote me back. He thanked me for an Odd Nosdam rarities mix I made for him and even offered to put me on the guest list for the Lips/BMSR show in KC.

It'd be the first time I would be the name on the list and not the '+1' next to it.