February 28th, 2007

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For anyone else that uses both Google Notebook and Docs all day...

You can export directly to Google Docs under Notebook Actions!

Now back to less overtly geeky topics. (Yeah right.)

(no subject)

Apparently, Firefox knows the difference between Americanish and Internationalish.

And now I'm starting to realize that I've been spelling things the right way for other countries all of my life.

I just found out it's judgment, not judgement.

Yesterday, I discovered it is savior, not saviour.

It's like I found a Kick Me, I Want To Be British (but I'll settle for Canadian) sign on my back.

Also, I've always used quotes "like this". Which makes sense for computer programmer-types, but probably goes against most manuals of style.

And though I have tried hard for the last few years, I cannot bring myself to use any unnecessary serial, Oxford or Harvard commas.

p.s. Arkansans Quibble Over the Possessive 'S'