August 8th, 2006

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Lucah was euthanized this morning. His abdomen was filled with pus and he had zero chance of recovery.

I am sending out memorial buttons featuring Lucah's trademark Power Triangle nose to all who donated. Look for them in a few weeks time.

This is the worst thing to ever happen to Emily and I. All I can say is be careful who you trust your children with or you'll end up like us.

The amount of support we continue to recieve shows there is good to be found in people. Thank you all for being there at a point when I really was doubting that.

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Since we've decided to not pursue legal action or anything stupid like that, here is the story of what happened:

We asked one of our closest friends in Lawrence to be a bridesmaid/groomswoman at our wedding. Even after knowing about the wedding for five months, she said she wasn't able to afford the plane ticket out to California. So I paid for the $500+ ticket with the understanding that she would help out with the facilitating the wedding/honeymoon and take care of our cats and our apartment while we were gone for three weeks.

* She flew out with the tuxedos, but not back with them. It cost $100+ to ship them back on time.
* She didn't pick up any of our wedding gifts (even after promising to 'pick them up tommorow' on the phone), so around a dozen of them were returned to the senders.
* She claimed yesterday that she checked on the cats 'on average, every other day,' but the UPS guy said that the notices he left on Monday were still there the following Monday.

So while Emily's been to upset to talk with her, I've given her several opportunities to simply apologize on the phone, to just say 'I am sorry that I fucked up, lied to you, and killed your cats,' but she hasn't.

The world is the way it is because of people like her.

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I came up with another cavity cocktail today:

Half Gatorade and half Monster energy drink

It kinda adds a speedball bite to the Gatorade.