May 19th, 2006

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For any other UNIX geeks...

The best ping story I've ever heard was told to me at a USENIX conference, where a network administrator with an intermittent Ethernet had linked the ping program to his vocoder program, in essence writing:

ping goodhost | sed -e 's/.*/ping/' | vocoder

He wired the vocoder's output into his office stereo and turned up the volume as loud as he could stand. The computer sat there shouting "Ping, ping, ping..." once a second, and he wandered through the building wiggling Ethernet connectors until the sound stopped. And that's how he found the intermittent failure.


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I love storytellerisms.

Here are two old-fashioned stories full of them from parts north...

The Great Beaver Rescue Effort
Our storyteller shares the tale of an animal rescue – or an attempt at an animal rescue – involving a beaver, a box, great compassion and perhaps a bit too much beer.

A Guy Named Otto and a Moose
Commentator Kevin Kling has a story about a true-life experience involving Bill Magie, a legend up in the north country.

from npr's driveway moments podcast