May 5th, 2006

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GDAE is known in some North American Old-Timey fiddling circles as "that Eye-Talian tuning," the implication being that it is only one of many possibilities. Other tunings include:

* GDGB = Open G Tuning
* GDGD = Sawmill Tuning
* GDAD = "Gee-Dad"
* DDAD = Dead Man's Tuning, or Open D Tuning, or Bonaparte's Retreat Tuning, or "Dee-Dad"
* ADAE = Old-Timey D Tuning
* AEAE = High Bass, High Counter (or High Bass, High Tenor) similar to Sawmill Tuning
* AEAC# = Black Mountain Rag Tuning, or Open A Tuning
* AEAD for Old Sledge, Silver Lake
* EDAE for Glory in the Meeting House
* EEAE for Get up in the Cool