May 14th, 2004

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i live to make out with girls

just helping along the inevitable

this is how i get through life

So I now have a total of FIVE paying mapmaking or map-related jobs right now.

1 Mini, flash-based atlas of China for Beginning Chinese Students.
2 Map Assistant in the university library.
3 Friendly, handdrawn "New Yorker's view of the world" style map for regional newspaper website.
4 Maps for book of Native Languages of California.
5 Cartography Lab assistant.

I should learn how to say no.
I'm a cartographic slut.

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Did I ever mention we have three street lights in Arcata?

Yeah, I live a small town.

Graduation is tomorrow and there's this funny tension in the air.

I made friends!
I have a crush!
I need to clean my apartment!