April 4th, 2004

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I am going to do it.

I am going to slow down.

I think the west coast has finally worn me down.

Mark the day and time.

I'm a born-again softie.

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Excerpted from a more musically minded personal journal...

Sun Apr  4 23:42:26 EDT 2004
i started in music looking at the numbers of it
and you can't go very far with that
as music is in the listening

it is the stuff between the numbers

it is critical my people to be completely committed and engaged, with all of their being, for a good musical performance
(think troy, not shakina)

and numbers don't care
not like people do

music brings like minded people together
it shows us who we are
and who are not
what we can do
and what we are unable to

if anything, it is an abstract expression and exploration of self

FORM is, was and always will be FUNCTION

i gotta get my vinyl in my bedroom

i gotta get a real chair for the assortment of doors and sawhorses i call my desk

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it's taken me about five years to give in and actually like wilco.

i expect granddaddy and widespread panic and phish and grateful dead will follow.

sometimes i wonder if i will outlive my cats.

actually, everyday i wonder what would happen to my stuff if i was hit by a car. it's fun, if you're into that sort of thing.

ps Lord help me, I bought and am listening to early Vangelis now. Have I gone ordinary or _______?.