September 25th, 2003

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I'm reading this book, Parasite Rex, and I cannot stop identifying everything as a parasite.

I mean, parasitism is life.

Pop culture infects your brain and takes over.

Some people have stronger intellectual immune systems.

It goes on and on.

Grood. Verry grood. But not a work substitute.

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Since Athena left in whatever month that was...

I'm in no mood to look it up, and it doesn't actually matter.

I've just gone crazy.

All stressed out about what could be.

And if I screwing it up.

Until tonight, I told her how I felt about her and well... we'll see.

But I'm doing much better now. I love her, I love her, I love her.

I'm done with living the blues, for now.

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Internet Friend / Invisible Friend

Where's the line?

Someone I've followed in LJ for years posted a video and it's just so weird.
To see them talk and move. And be self-deprecating in living colored pixels.

It always kinda freaked me out to meet someone in person and all.
But it'd be even weirder to do it in netmeeting, you know?

Can you tell that I miss hanging out with people?
I should call some of the friend's I've made.