February 21st, 2003

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check out the line up.

we all should go.
tickets go on sale tomorrow morning.

sonic youth
thievery corporation
richie hawtin
g love & special sauce
black eyed peas
and underworld all in one sunday night.

with beastie boys
groove armada
talib kweli
and nightmares on wax the night before

those are my favorites, although last time i went bjork didn't show..
but the sigur ros experience was just completely and totally amazing.

little tent
little voice
& a little string section

oh man, thanks to nephy for the reminder link.

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i just remembered the first time i heard about squarepusher.

i was walking along the quad at kalamazoo college.
a long green slope from the church with the loud bells
to the long freshman dorm we called 'ho's been'
trees and cement paths along the way

but there were people out in a nice vibe
and alberto balsam was playing in a nice vibe

i got my nerve up to talk to the dj playing the dj aphex twin
and asked him if he wanted any help striking or something of equal fanboy quality

i forget what he said
but he then showed me this 12"