February 17th, 2003

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went to the anti-war protest in san francisco today

saw nothing new or compelling, but that wasn't the point of going.

one protester with a sign saying I WON'T PAY TAXES IF YOU DON'T GIVE ME HUMAN RIGHTS
one protester with a sign saying ONE TERM  ONE TERM
one protester with sign arrows connecting headshots of Osama, Kevin Bacon and Saddam

and most everyone was making fun of bush in clever ways
though there were A LOT of vietnam veterans there
giving off a good and grounded BEEN THERE  DONE THAT  NOT WORTH IT vibe

maybe 150,000+ showed up
including alice walker, bonnie raitt and danny glover
and according to indymedia and news reporters,
  a small number of black bloc protesters went to union square and smashed up a&f and old navy.

apparently anarchist pink is very much in
which i think is just truly fucking great

first goth pink
and now violent breakaway pink

a guy tried to give me a socialist newspaper
and i listened to his 'we need to destroy the un' shpeel
but man.. i'm not 15 anymore.. i don't know about my political labels..
libertarian is just the closest thing.. but with socialist tendencies..
uhh, actually going to war with bush makes the sense
but 98% of the protesters i saw today could not when a fight

and i love direct action of 'walk out of your class, job, etc.' as soon war starts
show up downtown the next business day and SHUT IT DOWN
i really hope it works
as i (like a lot of my generation) don't have a lot of real experience with direct action protesting
but i'm dying to learn

that's from today in sf