February 11th, 2003

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i think left my bag at emily's (a friend of athena's) house.

and in my first day of school haste i grabbed an old journal.
it's from three and a half years ago.
documenting my dropping out of school
and the beginning of my web designer/programmer stint.

i really kinda reached my philosophy-on-life peak somewhere before i dropped out of college. and it just shows in these entries.

i'm still stuck on the same things. but i now have the experience to not make the same mistakes. i'm still with the same demons. and share the same hopes and dreams.

and it all seems incidental. my references to the last few years. the imaginary websites and companies and such.

the bigger stuff just jumps out.

you find what you're looking for.
you might not like it, but that's lief.

i also signed one of the entries
love, hope & forgiveness

right now i really miss my old positive attitude..
and i definitely deserve to give myself more credit.

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if you don't have anything nice to say,
complain about yourself.

you will always find what you're looking for,
even if it's not there.. you dellusional judgmental asshole..

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so rilo kiley is playing sf this saturday the 15th.
and then la on sunday the 16th.

is anyone interested in being there, having fun
and getting out the heck out of santa cruz ?