February 7th, 2003

(no subject)

and 5 months in to our relationship...

the reset button.


the reset button got hit.

which is a good thing if you've ever been in... muttermutterr...

it's 3am
and i'm watching my housemate play xenogears.

.5¢ for every boring entry

god help us, but limiting posts might actually help the economy.

not serious. it's 3am.

maybe if you can moderate your friends posts
and the good ones don't count as... muttermutteererrerrer...

(no subject)

my cats are making out on nick/nickotine's bed.


i've never seen them simultaneously neck on each other before.

it is the cutest, weirdest, gay-est thing.

and now they're post-makeout cuddling.

everyone saw 'aww'

or an equivalent interjection.


my backyard.
(that's quinnc.)

and a dining hall bathroom at porter
in between paintovers.