October 10th, 2002

(no subject)

So I had wonderfully productive all-nighter last night.

From my English2 paper–

...But when one or some of these parts dominate to the detriment of others, these synergetic benefits are lost and the whole organism has a much greater chance of failure.
...There is no scientific evidence for race, class or gender. Ethnic ancestry does not decide race. Wealth is an idea, as imaginary as a promise. And sex does not decide gender. All of these things are based strictly on visual appearance and presentation. A person is not black unless they look and act 'black', a person is not male unless they look and act 'male'.

It gets really preachy after that. About large-scale viral-like indoctrination through Hollywood. And advertisers trying to ensure that people don't think for themselves.

And I really wanted to bring up the exact techniques of getting people to scare themselves into submission, especially using religion. But I was running late for class.