September 7th, 2002

(no subject)

i almost always want to give up on livejournal.

but there's a handful of really cool individuals i've met through it that keeps me from deleting my lj.

that and i love knowing your survey results.

(no subject)

Lauren and I are taking a break.

Note: I almost never talk about how are relationship is going in LJ or public.

And inspired by physical attractions to people,
I am returning back to the Zen discipline.
Or at least the half that of Zen I agree with.

Asa calls and we have a good, long talk.

We haven't talked in months.

He says Emily's dad died Thursday.

And he says he'll send some recent photos my way.

About the Zen thing.

For me it's living without desire.
Not as religion or faith, but as a discipline.

And about Lauren.

Everytime we've broken up, we've gotten back together stronger.
But it'd be completely dumb to assume that now.
Past performance is an not an indicator of future returns.