July 22nd, 2002

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Trip to LA was a success.

I went to get away and relax.

And I flew tanks in GTA3, had an extraordinarily hyper conversation with xylomute, witnessed the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach and half naked girls rolling their eyes at me.

And sand. I got some sand. And a shiny letter J.
7+ hours to get there, just under 5 to get back.
Standstill traffic makes all the difference.

And hearing about Jeremy (Eva's boi) on the way to get sand made me miss him in that way I miss people I never got to know, which includes most of you reading this. Yeah, you guys all need to comment more. circuitbreakres

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omg. I just bought it.

the one piece of equipment I was resigned to never ever getting.

the thing I wouldn't shut up about at guitar center with xylomute

The AKAI ASQ-10 MIDI Sequencer
The same brains as the MPC-60 (which is arguably the main instrument in good hip hop), but without the sampler.
Kind thanks to Roger Linn who helped design it and the guy who made it a buynow on eBay at exactly the price I've been looking for.

Jesus, I live for music.
I can't get around that.
I drove all the way to LA and back with one knee just so I could play on my melodica with both hands.
Everything I do, learn or think is to make better music.

Too bad there's no money in it.

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Now I get to enjoy San Francisco for most of the day!

Walk around, maybe see an old college friend.

And I still won't consider myself a Californian until I start voting here.
I felt the same way about not really being a US citizen until I voted last year in that “election” or whatever that was.

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Compare and contrast.
I was in LA last night, drove through Gilroy, then San Francisco this morning, Santa Cruz for a long day nap, then Aptos tonight.

LA is shit. LA is America. LA is where I want to be for a spell.
Gilroy is gorgeous. Smells like garlic and snows garlic skin.
San Francisco is clean, rich and witty. Too clean, too rich and too witty.
Crunchy Santa Cruz is too small. But if you want to do a lot of drugs.
Sleepy Aptos is just right to raise your new family in. With your hobbies and televisions.

I want <3YRSELF on my license plate. But I think I'll be forced to get a instead of <3 and use a 3 instead of E.